The positive power of music

Music can inspire so many emotions. Hearing just the first few bars of a much-loved album track or a long-forgotten chart hit can create a deluge of memories. Like an old friend that can provide an aural hug, music can help us in so many ways, whether you’re listening solo on your headphones or enjoying … Continue reading “The positive power of music”

The eco-friendly period products you need to know about

Periods. They’ve been around for as long as we have. But if you think the idea of reusable menstrual products is a new one, think again. Long before the invention of recognised period products like tampons and pads, the use of simple rags or cloths was standard. It was only during the Victorian era that … Continue reading “The eco-friendly period products you need to know about”

How moving to Teesside led me to embark on a whole new journey

When Jo Booth relocated to Teesside from her native Sheffield back in 2019, it set her on a completely new path. She immersed herself in village life in her new Skinningrove surroundings, took up photography and enrolled at university Jo, who is 53 and originally from Nottinghamshire, shares with Talking Teesside how she has “gradually … Continue reading “How moving to Teesside led me to embark on a whole new journey”

Talking Teesside and the quirks of our local lingo

Now then! Yerjokinarnyer. Worritisright. Knoworrameanlike… Whether you’re new to Teesside or you’ve lived in this fine region all your life, one thing that is certain – there’s no mistaking that familiar Teesside twang. Like every region, Teesside has its own rich dialect, and our location, nestled along the North-East coast, has led to the Teesside … Continue reading “Talking Teesside and the quirks of our local lingo”

From campus, to coast and countryside

Whether Teesside’s always been your home, or you’ve moved here to study, you’ll probably be quite familiar with the campus and nearby town centre.  If you’ve only recently settled in Teesside, how familiar have you become with your adopted abode –  and how far afield have you ventured from the campus? And even if you’re … Continue reading “From campus, to coast and countryside”

How to workout like a ‘weekend warrior’

Exercise. It’s that one thing many of us would like to devote more time to, but can often find ourselves struggling to squeeze in. Busy lives can often mean the only spare time we have for exercise is on a weekend – whether that’s a quick trip to the gym, going for a run, or … Continue reading “How to workout like a ‘weekend warrior’”

Turn up the heat to improve veggies

As kids, many of us will recall being told to ‘eat our greens’ and encouraged to consume lots of vegetables as a way to stay healthy. Vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals and an excellent source of dietary fibre, which can help reduce digestion problems. There is often a general assumption that … Continue reading “Turn up the heat to improve veggies”