The power of Teesside women

Has anyone has ever told you, ‘you can’t do that – you’re a girl!’ or ‘that’s a man’s job’? Chances are if you’re a woman, you’ll have heard it at some point in your life. And the fact is that women and girls in the Tees Valley are some of the most unheard in the … Continue reading “The power of Teesside women”

Brengle is ‘top dog’ at Teesside University

A very popular Golden Retriever has been awarded an ‘Honorary Dogtorate’ by Teesside University for his unwavering services to student mental health and wellbeing. Brengle visits the University’s Middlesbrough campus on a weekly basis alongside his owner Naomi Kelly, who is the University’s faith advisor and Salvation Army captain. Often, students are away from home for … Continue reading “Brengle is ‘top dog’ at Teesside University”

Talking Teesside and the quirks of our local lingo

Now then! Yerjokinarnyer. Worritisright. Knoworrameanlike… Whether you’re new to Teesside or you’ve lived in this fine region all your life, one thing that is certain – there’s no mistaking that familiar Teesside twang. Like every region, Teesside has its own rich dialect, and our location, nestled along the North-East coast, has led to the Teesside … Continue reading “Talking Teesside and the quirks of our local lingo”

From campus, to coast and countryside

Whether Teesside’s always been your home, or you’ve moved here to study, you’ll probably be quite familiar with the campus and nearby town centre.  If you’ve only recently settled in Teesside, how familiar have you become with your adopted abode –  and how far afield have you ventured from the campus? And even if you’re … Continue reading “From campus, to coast and countryside”