My Teesside University residential experience

Hi, my name is Hannah Appiah and I’m a second-year student studying Concept Art at Teesside University. I attended a residential in my last year of sixth form, it played a major part in leading me to where I am today, and I want to share my experience with you.

What is it?

Every year the university hosts free taster residentials, giving prospective students the chance to experience what it’s like to study and live as you would at university.

Why I attended

After briefly looking into the University and attending an open day, I received an email inviting me to the residential. I applied because it seemed like a great opportunity to familiarise myself with the area and experience the University first-hand, especially when coming from so far away (I’m from Surrey!).

Getting prepared

The residential took place over three days, but we got to do and experience so much in that time. Even before setting foot on campus, my experience was positive. I was provided with a comprehensive overview of the residential, accommodation arrangements and contact information if we needed any additional support or had further questions. The level of organisation really helped to put me at ease for the trip and left me excited for what was to come.

The best bits

There was so much to enjoy. We had loads of activities lined up including academic subject sessions, bowling and arcades, a fun pizza night, downtime and support sessions to help with the UCAS application process and writing a personal statement. There was also a panel where we could ask student ambassadors questions. This was followed by a mini award session where any outstanding students were congratulated on their efforts, and this could be for things like coming out of their shells. What stuck with me most was the kindness of everyone involved. I learnt so much and it was a big help in making me comfortable with the area and the possibilities of living here. But above all else, it was fun!

Was it worth it?

There is nothing to lose when applying for the residential, it’s such an ingenious way to ease you into the university experience and address any concerns you have about the transition. It gave me lots of opportunities to get all my questions answered, make friends with people facing similar choices and build relationships that I can continue to cultivate and rely on in uni.

Its impact on me 

The residential was instrumental in my choice to study Concept Art at Teesside and made me a lot more confident, not only in my choice of uni but the course as well. With a typical coach journey from home taking around 7 hours, it made me feel comfortable with just how far I’d be moving from home. I experienced university life first-hand and made friendships that have continued to this day. Throughout the residential, there were student ambassadors who were super welcoming and made sure you felt safe and empowered the whole time.

My closing thoughts 

The residential was an overwhelmingly positive experience and helped to ease a lot of concerns I had about moving across the country, transitioning to higher education and the suitability of my course.

I’m glad it led me to study at Teesside. Since coming to the University, I’ve become a Student Ambassador and had the opportunity to work on residentials for prospective students. I really enjoy being on the other side of the fence, giving people the opportunity to fall in love with the University as much as I did.

I hope to see you at a residential soon.