5 motivational studygram accounts to follow

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Aaahh studygram – my Instagram happy place.

It’s where stationery addicts, mind map enthusiasts and revision extraordinaires come together to share study tips, organisation advice and encouragement.

And as the academic year comes to a start, and we students turn our attention to impending lectures, assessments and exams, that’s exactly what we’re looking for.

So, I thought I’d share some of the top studygram accounts to get things started…

1. @sprinklestudies

First up, we have one of the most aesthetically pleasing grids I’ve ever seen in my life. Let’s be honest, that’s a requirement of a good studygram account.

Ran by an American nursing student, @sprinklestudies follows the study journey of Kiersten and acts as a kind of digital work diary which we can follow along with.

Her notes would make anyone want to up their note-taking game. They’re so neat (and colour co-ordinated thanks to the extensive stationery collection). Seriously, can we take a moment to appreciate the pen organisation?

2. @reemsdesk

This studygram account is serving the desk inspo we didn’t know we needed. The content revolves around the best ways to set up your workspace to improve productivity and comfort, and it looks so cosy.

My favourite tip from @reemsdesk has to be using your phone to scan notes into the computer rather than typing them all up. It’s such a timesaver when you’re collating everything you’re working on and means you can keep the little doodles too. 

Not to mention, I’m getting serious keyboard envy – they’re all so pretty!


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3. @galswhograduate and @brontekingg

Checklists galore, study tips, how-to guides – @galswhograduate is a one-stop shop for students. 

What I like most about this channel is that founder Brontë King has already graduated, so her retrospective take on the student experience is really refreshing in the studygram space. It’s also handy for us to know what we can expect from university life.

The honest reflections on the mistakes she made during her studies are just as useful, if not more so, as her to-do lists. 

4. @studywithnali

Working smarter not harder is all about efficiency. That’s where Natasha comes in…

She shares useful tools and apps which students can use to quickly and easily develop effective study materials like mind maps. 

And her guides on journalling and diaries are great. I’d recommend the ‘how to effectively use a planner’ video, and not just because she partnered with my all-time favourite notebook brand.

5. @felicitynotes

As a medical student, Felicity shares study and concentration tips backed by science.

So, if you’re looking for more substantial advice, wrapped up in a co-ordinated feed, this is where to go.

And as lots of studygram accounts tend to anonymise themselves, it’s nice that we can get an insight into the real life and work of healthcare student Felicity. Her followers are really willing her to do well.

Okay, I’m officially motivated to stock up on stationery, reorganise my desk, work through my to-do list and smash my goals. Thanks studygram.


Author: Lauren

Since completing her undergraduate studies in Journalism at Teesside University, Lauren has taken on the role of Communications Assistant (Content Production). She knows a thing or two about student life, as she’s currently working towards achieving her master’s degree at the University.

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