Celebrating our women in engineering

International Women in Engineering Day (INWED), which is marked on June 23,  celebrates the contribution to engineering from amazing women across the world. At Teesside University, we’re proud of the incredible women who have chosen a career in engineering. We spoke a few of those who have forged successful engineering careers to share their insight … Continue reading “Celebrating our women in engineering”

Shining a spotlight on the dawn of dark tourism

For the majority of us, booking a holiday means a search for sunshine destinations, lively resorts, or secluded beaches for a bit of rest and relaxation. But there’s also a trend among some travellers to seek out places historically linked with death and tragedy, as the phenomenon of dark tourism grows in popularity. Locations linked … Continue reading “Shining a spotlight on the dawn of dark tourism”

9 photo ops to help you capture graduation

Class of 2024 – you’re finally here. Your hard work has brought you to your graduation ceremony, and we can’t wait to celebrate your academic achievements at Teesside University. To help you capture the moment, we’re sharing some inspo for your grad pics. After all, everyone loves a good photo op, right? Visit the flower … Continue reading “9 photo ops to help you capture graduation”

6 tips for managing hay fever this summer 🤧

Summer is the time to enjoy sunny days, bright skies and warm weather. But, for those with seasonal allergies, it’s also the time for frequent sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, and a runny nose – symptoms hay fever sufferers are all too familiar with.  Hay fever is caused by allergens including tree, grass and weed … Continue reading “6 tips for managing hay fever this summer 🤧”