9 photo ops to help you capture graduation

Class of 2024 – you’re finally here. Your hard work has brought you to your graduation ceremony, and we can’t wait to celebrate your academic achievements at Teesside University.

To help you capture the moment, we’re sharing some inspo for your grad pics. After all, everyone loves a good photo op, right?

Two graduates posing with the flower wall and a neon sign saying 'just graduated'

Visit the flower wall

You can start by visiting our gorgeous flower wall in Campus Heart. Top of most of our graduates’ photo checklist, it’s extremely popular and queues can form quickly.

Run, don’t walk.

Master's graduate posing in a red gown and holding a blue Graduation prop frame

Frame yourself

If you want to add a little something to your grad pics, you can pick up our handheld frames and props. They’re made for socials.

And if you forget to grab a photo with our physical props, you can add a virtual effect on Instagram by searching TUGrad. Even better…use both.

A mum with her four sons, all wearing matching suits

Remember the family portrait

It takes a village to…get a degree. I’m paraphrasing of course, but the sentiment rings true. The support we receive from family and friends is invaluable while we’re completing our studies, and this moment is for them, too. 

Don’t forget to pose for a photo with your nearest and dearest. It’ll look great on the mantelpiece.

And can we just take a moment to appreciate the planning that went into this particular family photo? We’re here for the matching outfits.

Two graduates smiling under the flower arches

Stand under the flower arches

The flower arches in Campus Heart take the biscuit for the prettiest photoshoot location IMO.

Make sure you stop by before your ceremony or on your way to the refreshments area afterwards.

A graduate holding a scroll and smiling with her family

Pose for the pros 

If you want to leave your photography to the professionals, head to the second floor of The Curve.

There, you’ll find Marston Events, which offers paid photography packages including the classic scroll photograph and the money shot of you walking across the stage during the ceremony.

You can also keep an eye out for the Teesside University photographer, who will be roaming and capturing posed and candid shots from all of the graduation ceremonies. 

A graduate getting a selfie

Smile for a selfie

Sometimes simple is best. *Enter selfie*

No muss, no fuss – it’s almost too easy to take a quick selfie while you’re collecting your robes, meeting up with your course mates and walking into the ceremony venue. I guarantee you’ll have taken hundreds before the day is through. 

Master's graduates taking photos with the large Teesside letters

Don’t forget the giant letters  

Nothing shows your love for Teesside like posing with giant, gold letters.

They can be found in Campus Heart throughout graduation week. You can’t miss them – they’re 5ft tall.

A large group of master's graduates standing in front of the Teesside University crest

Get a group photo

You and your course mates have been through a lot together throughout your studies. 

Take a group photo to memorialise your student days and celebrate your collective achievements.

A group of graduates showing the back of their academic gowns

Turn around

If you’re tired of smiling for pictures – this is the photo op for you. Face away from the camera and show off your fancy, academic attire. 

It may not seem like an obvious photo op, but it’s a must when you’re rocking these robes.

Don’t forget to tag us in your photos using #TUGrad. 

And, in between poses, take a moment to look around and feel proud of yourself. You did it.

Author: Lauren

Since completing her undergraduate studies in Journalism at Teesside University, Lauren has taken on the role of Communications Assistant (Content Production). She knows a thing or two about student life, as she’s currently working towards achieving her master’s degree at the University.

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