Leaving home and beginning a new chapter of life as a university student is very exciting but can also be a little stressful. You’re probably wondering what you should pack, which accommodation to choose, whether you will get along with your course mates or housemates, how to manage finances and lots more. Don’t worry! Here’s some guidance from my experience starting Teesside University that will make your university life much simpler.

Bank account – make a wise choice.

If you don’t have a bank account yet, you should get one. That’s where you’ll get your loan paid into and pay for your rent, food, etc. There are many options to choose from so don’t rush into deciding, do some research. There are lots of student offers for example, HSBC offered me a free £100 just for selecting them!

Part-time job – when should I apply?

Start applying for jobs before arriving at university to get a head start. I wish I had known about jobs on campus as plenty of universities look for bar staff, wardens, student ambassadors, library help. Usually, these job adverts appear on their website during the summer and the deadline is before you even start your first year, so start looking early.

Food – you can do it yourself.

Learn some cooking skills! You might not be keen on cooking at all, but trust me, your life gets easier once you know how to prepare something for yourself. As a student, you want to save cash rather than spending lots on eating out. You don’t need to become a master chef, but simple recipes can save you money. A healthy diet is good for you, you need a lot of vitamins to get through three years of university and graduate with the best grades. Buy your veggies and fruits at markets. You can get a full bag of them for around £5.

Student offers – make the most of them.

An amazing part of being a student is the discounts! Register on myunidays.com and get student discounts to many shops such as ASOS, Domino’s, Apple, Hollister, JD, and many more. Check out TK Maxx in Middlesbrough – you wouldn’t believe how many good quality well-known brands they have for a few quid on a clearance. I discovered their amazing deals and bargains in my second year and it’s my favourite shop.

Difficulties at university? They’re here to help!

Having troubles adapting to a new environment? Problems with your assignments? Lack of friends? Whatever your issue is, don’t hesitate to ask for help. I wish I used the university support services and facilities a long time ago. Ask your personal tutor for help and advice with your assignments. It’s always better to ask a million questions than to be confused and anxious. If you’re feeling lonely there are plenty of sports clubs and societies to join and it’s a perfect way to meet new people. If you’re stressing out with university work or your personal life there is a fantastic counselling service available. Remember, you are not alone.

These tips should make it a bit easier for you to start a new chapter in your life and have a great university experience here at Teesside Uni!

By Martyna Dydyk


It’s not too late to apply to start uni this September.