10 must-sees to add to your watch list this Pride Month

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If you’re anything like me, finding something to watch can take just as long as the watching itself. So, this Pride Month, we’re sparing you the scroll with our ready-made watch list.

Join us as we count down 10 must-see movies, series and documentaries with gripping LGBTQ+ stories that you need to see, like, now. There may be a spoiler or two ahead, so proceed with caution…


1. It’s a Sin (2021)  |  Channel 4, Netflix and Disney+

If you haven’t seen Russell T Davies’ It’s a Sin (um, where have you been the last two years?), now is a great time to catch up! This is an extraordinary drama with humanity at its heart.

Starring Years and Years frontman Olly Alexander, It’s a Sin follows a group of friends growing up during the HIV/AIDS epidemic in 1980s London.

It’s packed with joy and pain in equal measure – from the wild nights out and touching friendships, to the tragic loss of loved ones. Though the subject matter is heavy, it’s not weighed down as Davies finds the perfect balance of warmth and humour in the darkness.

Powerful and raw, It’s a Sin was praised for bringing the AIDS crisis to a mainstream audience and was credited with a huge uplift in HIV testing in the UK.

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2. A Secret Love (2020)  |  Netflix

A Secret Love tells the story of Pat Henschel and Terry Donahue, a 90-something lesbian couple who kept their relationship a secret for most of their adult lives.

Now, having shared their relationship, the documentary explores the challenges they faced as a closeted couple at a time when it was illegal. It highlights the lengths Pat and Terry had to go to in order to conceal their relationship to stay safe while recounting happy memories from their 70 years of ‘breaking rules’ together.

Named after Doris Day’s beloved gay anthem, A Secret Love is a moving true story revolving around two soulmates. And, after years of hiding, we are able to see the couple share their love with the world and get married in an emotional ceremony with family and friends.

I’d recommend keeping the tissues close for this one…

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3. Pose (2018 – 2021)  |  BBC iPlayer and Disney+

If you haven’t experienced the joy of Pose yet, I’m going to have to insist that you devote your weekend to some serious binge-watching!

Pose focuses on the queer black and Latino communities of the ballroom scene in 1980s New York. Although there’s plenty of glitz and glamour, Pose tackles some of the significant issues the community faced, including racism, transphobia, homophobia, homelessness and the AIDS crisis. But it’s a hopeful story of true love, too – a story of when friends become family.

Fierce yet painfully raw, Pose received critical acclaim across the globe.

It features the largest transgender cast of any show in television history, with MJ Rodriguez becoming the first transgender woman in history to earn an Emmy nomination in a major acting category.

Once you start watching, you won’t be able to stop. So, put on your best pyjamas, grab a cocktail, and sink into this cinematic feast.

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4. XO, Kitty (2023)  |  Netflix

The highly anticipated To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before spin-off series does not disappoint, with the story now following the life and romances of youngest sister Katherine Song Covey (Kitty to her friends).

Kitty journeys from Portland, Oregon to study at the Korean Independent School of Seoul, where she hopes to learn more about her late mum and surprise her long-distance beau, Dae.

But the self-professed matchmaker and love expert discovers more than she expected after experiencing new and confusing feelings for Dae’s fake girlfriend, Yuri (long story).

In this brand-new coming-of-age series, Kitty explores her newly uncovered bisexuality while navigating the twists and turns of teen life – oh…and the fact she may have a secret half-brother. DRAMA!

XO, Kitty is wickedly bingeable. It offers an honest portrayal of some of the challenges young people face around sexuality while growing up from the point of view of our quick-witted protagonist.

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5. Pride (2014)  |  Disney+

Set during the Miners’ Strike of 1984, a group of LGBTQ+ people are inspired to set up an organisation supporting the miners after seeing the group dealing with similar issues as them.

While most of the Welsh pitmen make it clear that the help from Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners is unwelcome, they find allies in some of the locals. And, after spending some time together, more of the community start to come around.

A powerful story revolving around the importance of collaboration and friendship, Pride will leave you feeling empowered to fight for what is right. It’s also got a cracking cast, starring Andrew Scott, Bill Nighy and Imelda Staunton to name a few. 

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6. Conversations with Friends (2022)  |  BBC iPlayer

From the makers of lockdown-hit Normal People comes Conversations with Friends, based on Sally Rooney’s first novel of the same title.

The story follows two queer Dublin college students, Frances and Bobbi, and the strange and unexpected connection they forge with a married couple.

While Bobbi is confident and sure of who she is and what she wants in life, for Frances it’s more of a journey. Entangled in a love quadrangle, Frances flits between her best friend (and former lover) and a married man.

Although it was always going to be difficult to replicate the phenomenal success of Normal People, Conversations with Friends is still a sexy and captivating story – if a little awkward.

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7. A Very English Scandal (2018)  |  BBC iPlayer

Based on a true story, A Very English Scandal takes you to 1970s Britain when homosexuality was illegal. Starring Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw, the comedy-drama documents what’s known as the ‘Thorpe affair’ – a scandal which rocked English politics.

It centres on the romantic relationship between Liberal MP (and later Liberal Party leader) Jeremy Thorpe (Grant) and stable boy Norman Scott (Whishaw). After a chance meeting, closeted, privileged English gentleman Jeremy becomes involved with vulnerable young Norman, who isn’t afraid to be loud and queer despite the social circumstances.

The story ends with Jeremy put on trial for conspiracy and incitement to murder – for an attempt on Norman’s life in a desperate bid to keep his sexuality a secret.

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8. Gentleman Jack (2019 – 2022)  |  Amazon Prime

If you’re a fan of a British period drama, Sally Wainwright’s Gentleman Jack should be on your watchlist.

Set in West Yorkshire in the 1830s, Gentleman Jack tells the story of Anne Lister, based on her own diaries and journals.

Starring Suranne Jones as Lister, the show depicts the life of a queer woman at a time when it was completely unheard of. Lister develops a scandalous romance with the wealthy, young Ann Walker (Sophie Rundle).

At times, the character speaks directly to the camera, allowing snippets from the real Anne Lister’s diary to be incorporated into the dialogue.

Suranne Jones is a force of nature as ‘the first modern lesbian.’ It’s funny, sexy, and clever – and not to be missed.

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9. The Danish Girl  (2015)  |  Netflix and Amazon Prime

Set in Denmark during the twenties, Eddie Redmayne plays Einar Wegener opposite Alicia Vikander, who stars as Einar’s wife Gerda. The pair are happily married artists living and working in Copenhagen.

What starts out for the couple as frivolous fun when Einar wears a dress to pose for a portrait and to attend a party soon becomes very real when Einar finds that she actually identifies as a woman – Lili. 

The story unfolds with the couple seeing doctor after doctor, who try to have Lili committed, until one physician agrees to perform an experimental sex-reassignment surgery on the eager artist. 

While the Oscar winner admits he has some regrets about playing the role, which he says should have been taken on by a trans person, it’s widely agreed that the critically acclaimed, heart-wrenching film is an honest and passionate portrait of Lili’s journey to freedom, thanks in part to Redmayne’s stellar performance.

The Danish Girl broadly echoes the real-life story of artists Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener, so it’s well worth the watch. Although, those of you who don’t like sad endings should probably just skip to our next recommendation…

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10. Sex Education (2019 – present)  |  Netflix

With Teen Vogue calling it ‘one of the queerest teen shows ever’, it’s no surprise that Sex Education made it onto our must-watch list.

Socially awkward, sexually inexperienced Otis (Asa Butterfield) follows in his sex therapist mum’s footsteps by offering relationship advice to his peers at Moordale High, who are exploring their sexualities and trying new things.

Sex Education perhaps offers the truest and most relatable representations of LGBTQ+ people and experiences we can see in fiction. There are even welcome storylines around asexuality and pansexuality, which can often fly under the radar when it comes to on-screen LGBTQ+ stories. 

Whether you’re going through puberty yourself or nearing retirement, there’s something to learn from Laurie Nunn’s award-winning series.  

Drop your Pride watch list recommendations in the comments below…

If you’re an LGBTQ+ person looking for specific advice and support, you can find it through Stonewall and the LGBT Foundation, while Student Minds offers a range of useful resources for LGBTQ+ students. You can also contact the Switchboard LGBT+ free helpline at 0800 0119 100 to talk to someone.

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