The problem with having friends is that they invariably ask you to do things for them, and you can’t say no. This is one of the reasons why I generally try to avoid social connections – although I undermine my own principle here by being an absolute delight to be around… It was just such a request that took me to the docks in London… I’ve said before how much I enjoy visiting the Museum of London, and more so because I am good friends…Continue Reading “veni vidi vici”

Sometimes you agree to do things without properly thinking them through… And so it was that I ended up at the huge Barclaycard HQ over in Stockton talking about forensic stuff and then superheroes! It was all part of Working at Work Week, and I was delighted to have been asked to give a couple of talks. We had a great turn-out and the event went really well. Everyone at Barclaycard was super-lovely too. Of course, the live-streaming of my talk around the country was…Continue Reading “Barclaycard”

There’s much excitement here at the moment because of our involvement with the Pint of Science festival. Those of you familiar with me and my team will know how much we value outreach and wider access projects. We do all sorts! Pint of Science is an international event which aims to get experts talking about their work with whoever is interested in the local pub! Teesside is the only post-92 university in the country to take part, and our organising team (largely students) is doing…Continue Reading “Pint of Science”