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Sometimes you agree to do things without properly thinking them through… And so it was that I ended up at the huge Barclaycard HQ over in Stockton talking about forensic stuff and then superheroes! It was all part of Working at Work Week, and I was delighted to have been asked to give a couple of talks. We had a great turn-out and the event went really well. Everyone at Barclaycard was super-lovely too.

Of course, the live-streaming of my talk around the country was a first..! Knowing that this is going to happen really does affect how you deliver a session. For example, props were out of the window. Also, the camera recording the speaker was behind you, which made it tricky to speak to both the audience at the venue and the audience dotted around the country! Still, it was a fun day, and besides, who wants to deliver sessions that area easy..? Oh that’s right, me ideally… Hmmm.

You can read more about Teesside University’s work with Barclaycard right here.

I'm a Professor of Applied Biological Anthropology at Teesside University.