I’m very excited to say that The Analysis of Burned Human Remains, 2nd Edition, edited by Christopher W. Schmidt and Steven A. Symes, received an Honorable Mention in the Biomedicine and Neuroscience category at the recent PROSE awards. The PROSE Awards are an annual competition which seeks to recognise and award the very best in professional and scholarly publishing in books and journals. Not only is the book a fantastic addition to the growing publications in the field of cremation and burned bone studies, but chapter 18…Continue Reading “The Analysis of Burned Human Remains Wins PROSE Award”

It’s finally here! I’ve been wanting to pull together a book on cremations since I was in the midst of my PhD. Back then, I got pipped to the post by a couple of new books so decided to leave it for a while. But it was probably for the best, because in the intervening years I’ve learned a lot more about burned bone and publishing in general, and gained so many more colleagues. This has meant that the book is something that I’m very…Continue Reading “The Archaeology of Cremation”

There’s much excitement here at the moment because of our involvement with the Pint of Science festival. Those of you familiar with me and my team will know how much we value outreach and wider access projects. We do all sorts! Pint of Science is an international event which aims to get experts talking about their work with whoever is interested in the local pub! Teesside is the only post-92 university in the country to take part, and our organising team (largely students) is doing…Continue Reading “Pint of Science”

Well this week has been a good week. On Monday I found out that the University, in all its wisdom, has conferred the title of ‘Professor’ on me. It’s such exciting and delightful news, and marks the high-point of my career so far. To be honest, I can hardly believe it since it’s all happened relatively fast. I started my PhD in 2000 and polished it off in 2003. After working for Kenyon International for 9 months while they were still based in London, I…Continue Reading “Professor of Applied Biological Anthropology”

By which I mean I have a fantastic new webpage! Look how shiny it is! Isn’t it smart… It was about time I spruced up my website – I tried going for a Windows 8 style for my previous version, and that was obviously a terrible mistake. It took me ages to do, and then I really didn’t like it all that much. But I like this one! Have I mentioned how shiny it is..? I hope you like this and find it useful –…Continue Reading “I feel radder, faster… more adequate!”