Well this week has been a good week. On Monday I found out that the University, in all its wisdom, has conferred the title of ‘Professor’ on me. It’s such exciting and delightful news, and marks the high-point of my career so far. To be honest, I can hardly believe it since it’s all happened relatively fast. I started my PhD in 2000 and polished it off in 2003. After working for Kenyon International for 9 months while they were still based in London, I…Continue Reading “Professor of Applied Biological Anthropology”

By which I mean I have a fantastic new webpage! Look how shiny it is! Isn’t it smart… It was about time I spruced up my website – I tried going for a Windows 8 style for my previous version, and that was obviously a terrible mistake. It took me ages to do, and then I really didn’t like it all that much. But I like this one! Have I mentioned how shiny it is..? I hope you like this and find it useful –…Continue Reading “I feel radder, faster… more adequate!”