Professor of Applied Biological Anthropology

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Well this week has been a good week.

On Monday I found out that the University, in all its wisdom, has conferred the title of ‘Professor’ on me. It’s such exciting and delightful news, and marks the high-point of my career so far. To be honest, I can hardly believe it since it’s all happened relatively fast. I started my PhD in 2000 and polished it off in 2003. After working for Kenyon International for 9 months while they were still based in London, I was appointed as a Lecturer in Forensic Anthropology at Dundee in 2004. I had a great time there and learnt a lot, but then in 2007 took a Senior Lectureship in Crime Scene Science here at Teesside. I had so much freedom here, combined with the new expertise I was being exposed to, meant that my academic career really kicked off. So, that’s Lecturer to Prof in 10 years. Not too shabby.

Obviously this has not been possible on my own. In the way that a Ballon D’or win is only possible if you’re in a super-strong team, so here I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with so many talented, smart and inspirational people who have taught me so many new things and new ways of thinking and approaching problems.

I’m very much looking forward to the next 10 years of higher education adventures!


I'm a Professor of Applied Biological Anthropology at Teesside University.