The Archaeology of Cremation

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It’s finally here! I’ve been wanting to pull together a book on cremations since I was in the midst of my PhD. Back then, I got pipped to the post by a couple of new books so decided to leave it for a while. But it was probably for the best, because in the intervening years I’ve learned a lot more about burned bone and publishing in general, and gained so many more colleagues. This has meant that the book is something that I’m very proud of, and is a useful and interesting contribution to the field. Also, check out that awesome cover by Michael Bosanko!


The book has 10 chapters which discuss cremation contexts in archaeology, and offers new interpretations of a range of really interesting settings. The book whizzes from the UK to Europe and over to South America – and spans periods from the Neolithic all the way up to the modern day. If you want to treat yo self, you can buy a copy from those lovely people at Oxbow Books.

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