Equality and Diversity

Teesside University is committed to equality of opportunity within a diverse learning and working environment. In accordance with our Mission Statement we will introduce policies and practices that support a working and learning environment free from unfair or unlawful discrimination for all our staff, students and associates.

We believe individuals should be enabled to achieve their full potential in their role and career progression. Within the University this means providing development opportunities and removing barriers. The University community values:

  • mutual respect and sensitivity
  • equality of access to the organisation, with equality of esteem and equality of opportunity within the organisation
  • continuous improvement of individuals stemming from a culture of ongoing review, development and enhancement
  • satisfaction of individual needs via supportive, flexible working and learning environments
  • encouraging diversity of views, perspectives, values and issues, but opposing and eradicating prejudice, unfair barriers and discrimination
  • transparency, equity, responsiveness and accuracy of procedure and process.

The University has produced a number of documents to support equality and diversity in education.