Log Books

The BPS ‘Standards for the accreditation of Doctoral courses in clinical psychology’ (October 2016), require that trainees keep a log of their clinical practice.  On the Teesside Course the logbook is in two parts:

Trainees should keep their logbooks up to date at least weekly and are responsible for taking them into a supervision session once a month for review and discussion with their supervisors. Supervisors must confirm that they have seen and agree the content of the logbooks prior to submission.

Clinical Practice Logbook Section 1

Clinical Practice Logbook Section 2 Therapy Competencies

Supervisors confirmation of clinical experiences form

Please note there has been some changes to the paperwork from 2023. These should be used only for the 2023 cohort and onwards.

Clinical Practice Logbook 1 (2023)

Clinical Practice Logbook Section 2 (2023)