Business studies is something that has grown in popularity in schools and colleges over the last 10 years, opening careers in different areas of business from finance, HR, sales and management. One of the more creative functions it can lead to is a career in marketing. But why should you consider a career in marketing and what are the benefits of studying a degree?

Here are my top three reasons why you should consider a degree in marketing at Teesside University London if you’re currently studying business at school or college.

  1. Develop your creative skills: visual communication is how marketers communicate with their audience, whether that’s through social media content and paid activity, or physical presence such as products and brick-and-mortar store spaces, studying a degree in marketing helps train your creative eye and your research skills to identify current trends to develop the skills to create eye-catching and memorable visuals.


  1. Broad career options: marketing is present in almost every business in any industry you can imagine. Whether you have an interest in fashion, cars, gaming, e-commerce or retail, you can go into almost any industry so you’ll have options to go into an industry that you’re interested in and can upskill and move to different sectors as you progress your career.


  1. Block learning: one key feature that differentiates our Marketing course at Teesside University London is our flexible block learning options that allow you to fit your studies around your life, giving you plenty of options to do part-time work to build your CV or network with local businesses.

By Tom