This National Careers Week, we’re exploring the different career opportunities you can pursue with a business degree. Business degrees are extremely versatile, equipping you with a valuable and broad set of skills that you can apply across multiple industries and sectors. Read on to find out where you could go.

Accounting and finance

Our business degrees provide you with a solid foundation for pursuing a career in accounting and finance. You study basic economic theories, learn to understand financial principles and build your analytical skills.

Marketing and advertising

We encourage you to tap into your innovative and creative thinking skills in your degree, which is vital when pursuing a career in the world of marketing and advertising. You could move on to become a marketing manager, brand manager or digital marketer.

Human resource management

You study modules such as Personal and Professional Development, and Understanding Organisations, developing your knowledge of interpersonal skills, leadership abilities and how organisations work. This degree prepares you for a career in human resources, talent acquisition and organisational development.


Our business degrees nurture your entrepreneurial skills such as creativity and enterprise, which are essential if your passion is to start your own business.


Where better to pursue a career in the dynamic and fast-growing digital sector than the heart of London? Our degrees include exciting modules such as The Digital Practitioner and The Future of Work, which explore shifting technological trends and how these are shaping businesses. This can help prepare you for a role in the digital industry.

Overall, business degrees play a crucial role in preparing you for diverse career opportunities, giving you a competitive edge in today’s job market. Check out our courses at

By Niamh