Anticuus – Ralph Deloso

Andrew James Worldwide are a highly successful family-owned, fast-growing online retailer, founded in 2005 by cousins Andrew and James, hence the company name. Specialising in kitchen equipment and gadgets, they also supply a wide range of handy items and accessories for the home, garden, and even for pets. As of now, the company buys in their products from manufacturers with the addition of their logo printed on the casing.

Brief was to design the outer casing of a toaster that meets the needs of both the internals and aesthetic appeal for the required market. The solution should be able to stand out from competitors and at the same time emulate the brand identities of the company.

The Andrew James, Anticuus toaster is a classic yet ‘time-honoured’ product combining the ‘60’s retro’ aesthetic with modern materials and technology. This toaster comes in a range of styles that will suit any kitchen trend. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, it is a product that is straight to the point and simple to use. A product that makes you fully aware of what you’re doing and how long for.

Ralph was picked by the Design Council in their top five ‘ones to watch‘ at the New Designers Exhibition 2018 in London.