A.R.C. – Jack Murphy

A.R.C (Augmented Reality Component) product is a new approach to navigate through smoke and fire without being burdened down with the weight of a TIC within your hand.

A.R.C is augmented reality headset which utilises the same technology found within the HoloLens to be able to digitally map the environment ahead and then lay a virtual on top of that.

A.R.C’s can also switch to a thermal image view to allow the user to still be able to locate civilians low-er heat signatures within the burning blaze.

The helmet also provides additional features such as H.U.D information of current room temperature and oxygen supply, as well as location of other firefighters equipped with the helmet. A.R.C is designed to provided firefighters with quick easy information get them in and out the building as fast as possible.

Multi-functional Power Tool – Sam Simpson

The final design solution is a multi-functioning power tool that is capable of carrying out several construction tasks whilst also simplifying existing tasks. The product features an ergonomic handle that best suits the target market, a battery dock and holder for charging the product, an interchangeable router base for reduced friction whilst routing materials, an adjustable motor housing for transforming functionality, spirit level for checking to see if the material is level, Scroll wheel for changing the motors RPM settings from drill to router and a laser dot for aligning the drill press function.

Initial research identified problems relating to hand/wrist constraints. The final product focussed on adjustability to address these issues. The unique advantage of the final product is to enable accurate perpendicular drilling in confined spaces using the pillar drilling (laser guided) function.

Riva 50′ Torero – Mārtiņš Ēlerts

The aim of this project was to design a luxury 50 foot day cruiser motor boat, combining and balancing the design languages of two legendary Italian brands. Riva and Lamborghini are known and recognised around the world for producing beautiful, high quality products. With Riva being one of the oldest boatyards in the world, and Lamborghini one of the wildest exotic car manufacturers, combining these two seemingly different worlds in one product requires understanding the history and design philosophy of each brand.

Student Starpack 2018 – Gold Award Winner – Beth Sanderson

The brief
You are to design a pack that easily dispenses motor oil into a car filler hole without needing any extra utensils. The 5-litre bottle will need to allow control of oil flow but not add excessive costs. The design should consider ergonomics in use, anti-glugging for an even flow, space for adequate decoration and recovery of parts for recycling. Glugging is a problem. As liquid is poured from the pack it needs to be replaced by air. In a standard bottle, when the pressure inside is reduced it draws air back through the neck causing glugging. The new design needs to stop this happening. Your design solution should include features to ensure the pack is easy to handle and carry as well as be resealable and safe to store. The new pack should be made entirely of the common packaging plastics using standard manufacturing processes. You may choose any major brand of lubricating oil and use graphics/decoration within your design to add branding and visual appeal. Ensure there is enough space on the pack to allow for the mandatory legal information that is required.

Judges’ comments:
Really excellent concept that is well presented. A very impressive design.
Sponsor’s comments:
This was a brilliant well thought through design that meets very tough requirements of the brief. The approach and presentation were exemplary and the practicality of the design shone through. With minor developments it could be made tomorrow.


Exact – Lawrence Stratton

The Exact Coffee Brewing system

The Exact Coffee Brewing System is designed to perform to a high standard of consistency. To ensure optimum coffee brewing is achieved this design strives to satisfy all of the criteria needed to receive a ‘seal of approval’ from the European Coffee Brewing Centre (ECBC). Each aspect of brewing has been addressed with a specifically designed solution. Secondly, the contemporary design is a step away from the traditional aesthetic of a coffee brewer whilst remaining recognisable to the consumer.


Anticuus – Ralph Deloso

Andrew James Worldwide are a highly successful family-owned, fast-growing online retailer, founded in 2005 by cousins Andrew and James, hence the company name. Specialising in kitchen equipment and gadgets, they also supply a wide range of handy items and accessories for the home, garden, and even for pets. As of now, the company buys in their products from manufacturers with the addition of their logo printed on the casing.

Brief was to design the outer casing of a toaster that meets the needs of both the internals and aesthetic appeal for the required market. The solution should be able to stand out from competitors and at the same time emulate the brand identities of the company.

The Andrew James, Anticuus toaster is a classic yet ‘time-honoured’ product combining the ‘60’s retro’ aesthetic with modern materials and technology. This toaster comes in a range of styles that will suit any kitchen trend. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, it is a product that is straight to the point and simple to use. A product that makes you fully aware of what you’re doing and how long for.

Ralph was picked by the Design Council in their top five ‘ones to watch‘ at the New Designers Exhibition 2018 in London.



Airwave 800 – David Carr

A compact design utilising a self-venting Tesla turbine to create a high-pressure cyclone; separating out dust and sub-micron particles. The design features an inbuilt carbon filter system that the exhaust gasses pass through at a low pressure to neutralise any harmful particles within the air, thus cleaning the air of harmful chemicals.

The product has been specifically designed to allow for long periods of continuous use, with built in channels through the brush-less motor to allow effecting cooling and to straighten out choppy airflow.

‘Balena’ Luxury Submarine – Jonathan Pearson

Explore coral reefs, ship wrecks, subsea formations and many areas of interest. The Balena presents comfortable viewing without the need or limitations of diving.

The deck allows the Balena to be used in the same way as an existing yacht when surfaced. The lower deck just below water level provides safe and comfortable access to the sea.

Travel unhindered by weather. In the case of a storm submerge below the effects on the surface and continue your journey smoothly and unaffected. Hydrogen fuel cells help lower environmental impact whilst increasing range and endurance. Twin jets produce a total power output of 1400bhp.

Jonathan Pearson has just recently set up his own company with a friend and fellow student from the course. Check out their website at: www.vividnine.com



Jobsite Speaker – Beth Sanderson

The jobsite speaker is a solution for music enthusiasts who desire to enjoy the music they love while working on busy industrial sites. This speaker system offers the flexibility to create a multi-room speaker set up, or just create a more immersive individual sound experience. The trio of speakers are highly portable as they are all able to be carried in hand when they are connected together into one.

In addition, on each speaker is a ‘Push To Talk’ button, also known as PTT. This is similar to what is found on walkie-talkies and permits colleagues to communicate to each other along greater distances. This feature helps make the workplace more efficient, by making the communication between people easier and quicker when in a hectic environment. Additionally, this feature will temporarily cut off the music currently playing, which can prove to be important when there may be a crucial announcement.