Mārtiņš Ēlerts – Thermal Imaging Helmet (live project)

Halo Thermal Imaging are a  manufacturer who develop and manufacture highly specialist Thermal Imaging Solutions, selling their products internationally for fire fighting, search and rescue and surveillance operations. Their helmets are also used by F1 teams, NASA and on cruise ships.

Their products were selling well but the SoloTI and Solo helmets had not been refreshed cosmetically for a considerable length of time. They were concerned that competitor products , whilst having less functionality, did look more “cool”.

The company (Halo) is an SME and, although they are a highly specialised manufacturer they have no existing “in house” designers or specialist facilities/equipment to support design activity.

Brief:  Cosmetic update of the Solo Fire Helmet
-The project involved:
– Concept Sketch Development
– CAD Visualisation
– Concept “Soft” Models

Design Strategy:
– Reduce unit production cost
– Increase unit value and price
– Improve manufacturing ease
– Cost effective “tailored” product variants
– Recognises variations in International Markets
-Functional improvements
-Potential for price premiums and added value

The new “face lifted” product concept designed by Mārtiņš exceeded their expectations with product variants to expand markets  – Euro, Peak, Mohawk


The live project stimulated discussion on business development and how their technology might be applied to alternative uses and markets. The project also identified things that they had not considered such a new business/market opportunities, cost savings and value added.