Student Starpack 2018 – Gold Award Winner – Beth Sanderson

The brief
You are to design a pack that easily dispenses motor oil into a car filler hole without needing any extra utensils. The 5-litre bottle will need to allow control of oil flow but not add excessive costs. The design should consider ergonomics in use, anti-glugging for an even flow, space for adequate decoration and recovery of parts for recycling. Glugging is a problem. As liquid is poured from the pack it needs to be replaced by air. In a standard bottle, when the pressure inside is reduced it draws air back through the neck causing glugging. The new design needs to stop this happening. Your design solution should include features to ensure the pack is easy to handle and carry as well as be resealable and safe to store. The new pack should be made entirely of the common packaging plastics using standard manufacturing processes. You may choose any major brand of lubricating oil and use graphics/decoration within your design to add branding and visual appeal. Ensure there is enough space on the pack to allow for the mandatory legal information that is required.

Judges’ comments:
Really excellent concept that is well presented. A very impressive design.
Sponsor’s comments:
This was a brilliant well thought through design that meets very tough requirements of the brief. The approach and presentation were exemplary and the practicality of the design shone through. With minor developments it could be made tomorrow.