ISBA – New Horizons in Biomolecular Archaeology

Dr Caroline Orr and Dr Gillian Taylor both attended ISBA10 in Tartu – 13-16th September 2023. This three day meeting was attended by over 400 researchers, presenting genomic and proteomic work and gave us the opportunity to explore Estonian peat bogs.

Dr Orr presented ‘Reconstructing Microbial Communities Within Roman Turf Ramparts: A Proof-of-Concept Study’ show casing our latest work combining techniques to aid our understanding of processes such as nutrient cycling. Our collaborators were Ben Russell (University of Edinburgh), Tom Gardner (Historic Environment Scotland), Andrew Birley (Vindolanda Trust) and Tanja Romankiewicz (University of Edinburgh).

Dr Taylor presented ‘Species Analysis of Roman Leather Tents from Vindolanda, UK’ the first results from an exciting new proteomics project, involving our collaborators Rhiannon Steven (UCL), Barbara Birley (Vindolanda Trust) and Elizabeth Greene (University of Western Ontario).