Week 9

This week was another tough blow for the art team, on weekend I had a conversation with one of the active members of the art team, they were embroiled in some personal issues, which led to them having to reprioritize for the sake of their health, which has translated into the art team being down two active members and a stolen (reprioritized) designer with limited modelling experience, if we were not struggling before we definitively are now, from here I held an emergency meeting for the art team where I quickly reprioritised everything, I tasked the other artist to finish the first two half-finished levels, while I focused on start and finish the still untouched final level.

Before I could start the final level, I had to quickly finish up the High Polys for my remaining assets, as the other artist needed them for the other levels.

The final level is the boss room, where you fight the boss, the dead priest, for this reason I decided to set it in a church, as time was an issue I quickly mocked a block out, then quickly transitioned into creating the environment, and finished this first pass in a single night. I am overall impressed how I was able to pull this together so quickly.

Moving forward my focus will to be solely on this project, otherwise it will not be finished, by the end of this project I think I am going to feel very taxed, I just hope the final project will be worth it.