Week 8

This week was big week for the project, with it being ironically about making it smaller, as after we had  our journeyman lecture it was heavily implied that we must cull a majority of the scope of the project, trading in scale for polish, the usually quality over quantity routine, overall this process makes sense, as from art perspective we were drowning, as those missing artists seriously hampered any amount of effective art we could do just because we had collectively less manhours to do it all in. I, at this point was relieved that we could refocus our efforts.

For the art team the cull focused on first cutting down the asset list, which in part reflected the cut levels the designer decided on. As you can see below all asset with the black bar were culled, personally I lost two assets to the cull: the Witch Burn Stake and the ladder, out of the all asset I had done, these were the one I did the least on, so it wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened to me.

Following on from this I held an art team meeting where we refocused and got to work on our new goals, additionally this meeting soon transitioned into a more shared lab session where we shared our work and received very good feedback on each other’s work.

As I did last time, I gave the art section of the presentation, with the main focus this week being on the cull that had just occurred.

I also this week sat with one of the art team and gave some help with their work, as there were certain things that were not working properly, I gave some input on the matter and helped things to start heading in right direction.

With another member of the art team, I had a discussion on asset optimisation, a topic he enjoys, from this discussion I was able to pick up a few things to improve my craft, which I am always grateful to receive.

Overall, I think this week was an important week for the health of the project, as without it I think it would have finished a bloated mess.