Week 7

As discussed last week in the Tuesday tech session this week I asked to speak with the module leader, and after discussing it with him and explaining that we down members, he explained to me what could be officially offered for the missing students, being 1 and half assets of the internet to replace the missing work, while I understand this and I thought at least it was something, while I had reservations with the limited help available and the certain rules that govern it, I resolved to move forward as best I could.

Around this time another issue raised it head, while discussing the texturing of asset it came to light there had been a series of miscommunications, as it stand, our character will not be textured, from finding out the leads took emergency action to rectify the situation, which involved contacting the character artist to see if he would reconsider texturing the character, then when he said no we went to the character art team lead, and when he said there was nothing he could do we then went to the Character Art Team Tutor, which we are waiting on a reply from. On a personal level I feel responsible for this issue, as while it was not me who did the miscommunication directly, I was aware of it and did effectively sign off on it as lead, and as lead I think the mistake of my team are my mistakes and they reflect on me not them, which is I why I repeatedly offer to the texturing myself, while the other leads decided against this, I am at least happy I offered.

In the week also held meet ups with my artist to check on their progress, from the active members I was impressed with their progress and can see things coming together nicely, as I expected I was struggling to keep communication with the other members, as they were constantly off grid, meaning I have not got a good idea at what stage they are at.

I also sat in on the design meeting with the programmer lead, this was in an effort to reduced future miscommunication incidents, as attending these meetings are helpful in seeing where everyone is at, leading to better overview of the project, which is useful when trying to plan the schedule for the artist.

As we were closely approaching a point where the artist would soon be submitting assets in a complete form, it occurred to me it would be prudent to set up an Online Asset Storage solution, separate from the Microsoft Teams folder that we already had set up, I decided this as there was a good chance we would be dealing in big files sizes, and it was unclear on the capacity of the teams folder, so I made a separate storage folder, so there wouldn’t be any issue for storage.

Other than the weekly Lead meeting, nothing other of note happened, but overall while this was a fraught week, I think all things consider I would rather it happen now, rather than on week 11 when there would be no time to sort such things.