Week 6

This week, as my art team was getting on with their own work for the project, I was able to put a lot of this week’s focus on my own work, being able to complete the block outs for all my assets. Overall, I am happy with them, next I plan to clean them up into proper Low poly models, which I will then convert into High Polys for baking, which I am going to use as a great learning opportunity, as I have always had a problem getting my head around High Poly baking, these assets will act as a good catalyst to finally earn.

This week I helped deliver the group presentations, specifically talking about the art section, giving an update to the rest of the year group about the progress of our game, overall, it makes me a bit anxious, but it will always be good to get public speaking practice in. From this week onwards I will be giving the art section of the presentation.

Friday was again host to our weekly Lead meeting, these are becoming more progressively smooth, as I think everyone is paying more attention to what the other discipline teams are doing, which has led to less issues, but they are still cropping up, which I think is natural, I think what will be better show of our skills is how we deal with them moving forward, and if we are able to overcome them.

While slow in terms of teamwork this week, I am glad for it as I was able to surge forward in terms of my personal work, next week I plan to contact the module leader on the Tuesday tech session, as the previously discussed art team issues are still ongoing, and I think it is time to see what the module leader can do to help.