Week 5

This week looking back, a lot of it was spent interacting with the outsource teams, again, as it was important that they received the follows ups they needed based of the information we gave them.

The first instance of this interaction was me having a meeting with the character artist who would be making the boss of the game, with it mostly about going through what we are wanting my from the character and answering any specific questions they had, as while useful my photo bash is not the be all and end all, so giving them the information they need will just help us in the end, as we will have a better character because of it.

I also had a meeting with the character artist who is making our protagonist, Lisa, this meeting was a follow up meeting following an initial meeting with my co-lead, with it mostly me getting caught up on the progress of the model and giving feedback on the work so far.

Moving onto the initial meetings, I also hosted individual follow up meetings with artist to review their research and give a green light to move forward with their assets and start creating them.

A large swathe of my week was taken up following up some advice I received from our Team tutor, who suggested that we should remove any specific imagery relating to religion, as it was best to steer clear of it, so not to not offend anyone unnecessarily. For me, this process was going through my asset list and mentally highlighting any problem assets and either sanitise them or straight up get rid of them, this soon translated into having further follow up meeting with certain artist, who were working on said asset, giving them clear instruction in to how to fix the asset in regard to the issue raised.

For my own work I had to revamp the priest design into a more non-descript religious holy man, with no clear links to any specific religion, taking extra effort to remove any sensitive imagery closely related to religions.

For my personal work I started the research for my assets. Going into this project, from some initial discussion I had about the module I knew being lead meant I wouldn’t have much time to actually create assets, as most of my time  was being spent on admin, making sure everyone else has what they need to do their work, this can be clearly be seen how most of my time this week was taken up with this higher level stuff that needing completing or the project would stall, because of this I decided to focus on smaller asset that I knew I can complete easily and quickly, knowing my skill level I selected handful: Ladder, Witch Burning Stake, Painting, Bookshelves, Lectern and Books (opened and Closed), personally I knew these assets wouldn’t take me long to complete.

On Friday I had the next Lead meeting where the main theme became clearing up some things between the individual discipline teams, as at this point it is becoming clear that remote communication like this between a fresh team is difficult and a lot of information is going to be lost, and will be only really learned at specific intervals, which is most likely happening when we least want it to.

As I near the midpoint of this project I am now starting to get a feel for the full dynamic of the team, and what will be required moving forward, mostly I want to try and be pragmatic about my expectations, as I am already starting to feel the strain of my limited art team, which compared to the other teams has me definitely worried about what will be produced by the end of the project. But overall, I still think it will be something decent enough that I can be proud of it.