Week 4

This was a busy week for me, as things were now properly starting to get moving, and you can see the progress starting to slowly tick upwards.

Like always we had our Monday meeting, with it’s roles starting to more clearly fall into place, a platform to reiterate what has been done so far on the project and what will be done next. Moving forward I will not mention these meetings unless something dramatic happens in them, as from what I can see they are shaping up to be very similar each week, with it not offering much value for me to talk about them further.

On personal task level I started and finished the mock-ups for both the game logo and the team logo. With the game logo it was a one hit wonder as I decided to imitate the exiting style of Castlevania logo, so it could better look like an official game, meaning I was done with it very quickly

For the team logo I picked up a few options, playing around with the team’s name, High Tempo, trying a few different combinations of elements, till I made a few I liked.

From here we decided to go for the logo below, which blended the music element of our name, represented with a vinyl disc, which took the place of a coin, which is to represent the nature of the project brief, Coin-Op.

A lot of my attention this week was focused on dealing with supplying the outsource teams with the information they needed to make our characters, and subsequently animate them. The main chunk of this was preparing the documents that the animation team had requested, detailing information like which animations we needed, and what the animated character would be like.

For the Character Art team, it was mainly about supplying them with a reference for our boss, the priest who killed our main character Lisa, this would take the form of a photobashed concept art, where I toyed with mixing him with grim reaper imagery, into giving him a very creepy design, that is cohesive and will make sense contextually for the game.

In this process I started to collate and curate a technical art guide for the art team, so we would be working all from the same start point, with the main goal of the guide to ensure a consistent art style throughout the project.

I also convened an art team meeting, where I did the first assignment of asset for artist, as we had received the initial block outs from designers, giving us the clear picture, I wanted, so I could properly evaluate what we would require. I asked the artist to start some individual research for their assets, I was able to hand out assets efficiently using a chart I created to track all project assets.

From an art lead perspective, I am starting to encounter certain difficulties contacting certain members of the art team, from the little communications we have had, I can ascertain there are personal circumstances that are causing the communication and attendance droughts, moving forward, while harsh I must run this art team as if there are only 3 members, rather than 5, and set the goals accordingly,  if I don’t there is no way that this project can be finished in any form. On the other hand, I will still try and support them as much I can and give them work which will not cripple the project if not completed.

Moving forward I will need to be more critical with the allocations of the resources and artist I have, as from what I have seen from the initial block outs there is a lot to be done.