Week 3

Being the first proper week of the project, you would expect me to be very busy this week, however it was mostly a week of spinning wheels, as individual art research was underway and we as an art team were waiting for a clearer design picture from the design team, while there was an overall concept of what the game will be, there are not many specifics about what they want in terms of specifics asset or environment levels. We would have a better understanding of what we would have to make when we receive the design blockout.

However, over the course of the week there were two meetings; on Monday 8th February we had a Team meeting, working like it had last week as an open forum for any questions to be asked, with it mostly focusing on verbally reiterating the idea of the game so everyone was on the same page, it was in this meeting I started noticing that certain art team members weren’t present, overall I decided to keep the thought in the back of mind for now, and give the benefit of the doubt, while keeping an eye on the situation.

On Friday 12th February, we had the next Lead meeting, which consisted of the usual progress updates and such, the most interesting thing to come of this meeting though was the discussion and confirmation of both Game Name and Team Name, while on first inspection these two things are quite innocuous, but personally I believe them to be very important things, as Game name is a very important audience facing component of the project, and will be one of first things they would see and think about in regards to our game, with a good name being able to convey the tone of our game to our audience in a quick and effective manner. With the team’s name it is a useful team morale tool, as it gives a common banner that we can all gather under.  From this discussion we decided to call our Game: Castlevania: Sonata of the Maiden, and for our team name: High Tempo.

From a personal task perspective, it was decided that I would design the game logo and team logo, as I was the artist with the most experience with photoshop, a software good in digital media creation.

While progress has been slow this week, I have confidence that it will turn out ok in the end.