Week 11

Over the weekend I found the time to complete my final proper task which was making High Poly for and texturing the assets from our stolen (repurposed) designer, as they were need for on Monday.

The rest of time that week was appearing where I needed to, to help the designer make artistic decisions as they implemented assets, while also making sure they were no art issues. I gave some general opinions and helped, mostly it came down to just offering moral support most of time, as we were all tired and needing sleep.

This is how my church scene turned out.

And the asset I textured.

For my final thing I also helped with the video creation, but only for the section filming the church, as first we needed to sort some lighting issues, then I gave some general ideas for how I think the church could best be displayed.

From this point all engine stuff is done and next week is the final week, and all I could really write next is to say I finished writing this and uploading my work, so to save time I will do this here, as if you are reading this then I have done as I have said.