Week 10

Back from the easter break, the first things to happen was a series of meetings to get everyone on the same page again, this started with a lead meeting where we caught up each other up on what each discipline was doing, the report for art was dire but hopefully, we will be able to persevere through the artist situation, as it continues raged on.

I then held a meeting for the artist, where we reaffirmed the task, we previously agreed on, planning to have certain elements done by the end of the week, for him it was finishing the first level. For me it was taking certain asset from, our stolen (repurposed) designer, who I haven’t really mentioned up until this point, as until this moment I haven’t’ had time to touch his assets and finish them off, as he was tasked with preparing some Low Polys models, which I would then make high polys of the texture. On top of that I needed to get the church finished and ready for engine, because it was more important, I decided to get the church finished first, because of this decision I was able to get the church in Substance Painter, a software for texturing, and by Thursday morning I had finished texturing it.

Overall, I think the texturing turned out great, for it – I had to create some unique textures, like the stained glass and the floor, this gave me time to play around in Substance Designer, software for creating textures.

On Thursday itself I spent some time with a designer, to get a rough version of the final into engine so we could show our Team tutor it in game.

This week I also had to do the presentation of the art section, which overall went terrible, mostly due to constant strife and turmoil we have been under, and a two-minute talking slot isn’t the best at conveying 12 weeks of issues.

We also had the usual Friday leads meeting, with its mains talking point about next weeks macro goals and getting everything done and ready by then, which is an important milestone, as it is our last real week to add anything.

From here it is very clear to see the finish line, but I must not get complacent, or I am sure to trip on the last hurdle.