Final year project week 6-7

Week6-7 (26/02/18-12/3/18): Peripheral landspace, architecture, cow gate, progress Review

In the past two weeks, due to the heavy snow weather, I did a lot of things at home. First I used the world machine and created the outer terrain. Then I made two buildings and maps, and the model of the cow gate, due to the next week. Need to give a speech, so we also prepared a speech.

Final year project week 5

Week 5(19/02/18-25/02/18):Tree, the creation of the building

This week I made some trees and one of the main houses and the tiny buildings next to them and their textures. I mainly used the tools Maya and Ps, first creating their outlines from Maya, and then Where the details are needed is put into the zbrush and then exported in the form of a normal map. Then the uv image is displayed and placed in ue4. The tree is used directly by the texture. This is more convenient and saves space.

Final Year project Week 4

Week 4(12/02/18-19/02/18): Stone, Door, landspace Production

In the fourth week ,I started to make some initial models, such as  some of stones. I used Maya to plan the entire space, then use a few faces to make some stones, use zbrush to sculpt them, and then I used normalmap to import them into ue4. I also did some modeling and texture of the doors and also designed the terrain in the scene for the first time in the UE4.

Final Year Project week1-3

Week1-3(22/01/18-05/02/18):Level Composition & Time plan

In the past three weeks, I have identified one projects ,I plan to do make a game that was once very popular in China. It was called “Fantasy Westward Journey.” Its background story is one of China’s four major classics” Journey to the West”. It is come from China. The well-known “Netease” company completed that and this production  is a 2D game. I’m trying to restore a scene from it using 3D technology. It’s very difficult to use 3D technology to make 2D style. I will do it through hand-painted texture, and some of the lighting are also differentce to realistic game . Through the expression of ue4, I think I can do very well.

I do this because I like this game very much and I want to work in this company. So I will do my best to do this project.  I will make 5-6 buildings in this scene and if I had time, I will do a lower level character model.