Week 10 – Easter Over

  Back on with project and full steam ahead to finish.

Over the past 3 weeks I have had a lot going on in my personnel life  but still made some good progress. I managed to set up the shooting straight, change the long jump landing into a roll as it the landing looked odd, the pig hit box, arrow hit box and targets.

The shooting has been off centre for weeks and finally I managed to set it up so the arrow moves to the centre of the screen, I moved the crosshair down slightly (barely noticeable) to allow for the slight arrow drop off. I also changed the crosshair to not be as intrusive on the players UI.

Originally Zerina landed with a “super hero landing” if she fell from height but found it didn’t flow nicely into the running so changed out the animation for the roll she can do and must admit it looks way better and more natural.

I managed to set up the arrow so it hits objects and stops, the particles stop and then the arrow disappears after 2 seconds. From this I have set up working targets that tell you when you “hit” them with the arrow. I placed these all round the level to give her something more to shoot at. (There are 10 in total).

Finally I have set up basic death/combat for the pig and Zerina. The pig chases Zerina as it always does when it sees her but now if the pig hits Zerina she dies and re-spawns but if she shoots the pig first it dies. Currently the Pig doesn’t re-spawn and neither of their corpses disappear but that’s something I hope to fix in the next week. I did have a fun issue where after she killed him, if she walked over him, he could still kill her; I fixed this by changing the collision type of the pigs sphere after he “dies”.

Author: CRAIG

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