UI (Pre-production)

According to the previous plan, I need to complete all the sketch design of UI, because time is very abundant, I spent two days to complete the pre-production, such as layout, flowchat and some other design pictures. Of course, I also know that I spend too much time to complete these, so in order to catch up with the plan, I will speed up the completion of THE UI on UE4 in the future. For the UI transition mode, I chose the sliding mode. As for me, I’m a minimalist and I want the whole UI to look clean and not have so many tedious ways to display the whole UI. For a first-person shooter, it’s the gameplay that counts.

For the space-themed game, I chose blue and black as the main colors, with blue representing the sky and black representing the universe. I think these two colors can very well reflect the artistic style of space elements. I also look for UI designs for a lot of games on the Internet, and I use the art style and layout of these games for inspiration.