The Burial Passage: Art Pass 3

The Last couple of weeks have been devoted to building up from the previous art passes. Things have been reworked, added, and taken away, to hopefully leave behind the best possible level I can make.

Major Changes.

There were two significant focuses of the third art pass; to better capture the mood and atmosphere of the levels, and to make the environment more user friendly.

The Mood.

So far I had carried over the work-flow used from the previous level almost too closely. I realized that the bright and wonderful atmosphere of the first level wasn’t correctly guiding the tone of the second level, and wasn’t doing the more sombre mood of the burial passage justice.

I collected feedback from peers, staff members, and industry professionals as a means to help guide my decision on how to better set the tone of the environment. I adjusted the post processing values, and lighting style to see an almost immediate improvement in the delivery of this darkened mood that I wanted to show players.

User Friendly Composition. 

An item of feedback that occasionally came up was that it was either sometimes not so easy to pick out the playable plane in the game’s environment from screen-shots, and also that more could be done to bring out layers of added depth in the environment.

With this in mind I established some lighting rules that I would follow. I picked three hues for the lighting to be used at different intervals; The Background, the playable plane, and the foreground. Any one of those intervals could also be substituted for darkness at any given time.

After applying this into my art, I really started to see a difference. I had immediate clarity on how to properly light my scenes, as well giving the player a more definitive path to follow that doesn’t compromise the creative integrity of the project.