The Burial Passage: First Art Pass

With the Game-play pass complete and tested, the composition stage began; ending with a scene that captured the atmosphere and physical content intended for the Burial passage.

The Process.

References and inspiration was assembled en masse, and I started to more intensively inspect my resources.

The first step was to give the environment shape, making scene boundaries obvious, and began framing my focal points. I wanted each area or quadrant of a larger space to be set like an independent scene that communicated an idea, suggested a solution, or set an emotional tone. I used my dynamic camera volumes to aid this goal.

Building Up.

With a rough shape to the environment, I started creating rough meshes, procedural materials, and simple assets to act as blueprints for the future art assets, and layers that will be built up over the rough draft.


With my physical ideas engrained within the project, I can now undergo a more intensive art feedback process, where I will seek out peers with environment art experience to critically evaluate my ideas and execution.


The previous step will be repeated until as many necessary passes are completed.