Design by Subtraction; and the Big Level Rewrite

As explained by my last entry, WILDBORN underwent a big scrutinising analysis so ensure that my final product was what I wanted it to be.

I learned a huge deal about my project during this period, and it was a real eye opener, showing me how to develop for WILDBORN, adopting my own design philosophy  of ‘Designing through the discovery of what my project asks to be, not what I assume it should be’.

The Impact.

The most noteworthy thing about discovering what makes my game fun, was that it called for a big rewrite on the level design side of things.

I maintained the aesthetic design of my environments. The beat map, the mood boards, the emotional intention, the bigger picture, and general shape of the environment has undergone minimal adjustments. But the shape, spacing, placing, and utilizations of many physical surfaces and problem solving elements has been completely adjusted from the original white-box.

This all followed the philosophy of Design by Subtraction. Instead of presenting the player with a mechanically rich game, with countless elements to master, many combinations of abilities, and an impressive roster of character potential, i stripped back everything that didn’t reflect the core of WILDBORN.

As a result, the Level seems a lot more fun, more testing is expected to take place in the near future to further define what should be adjusted.