Wildborn: “The Burial Passage” and “The World Depths”

My focus is currently on devising and integrating the main mechanics driven levels; The Burial Passage and The World Depths.

Originally I have plans to develop both levels, however, in the interest of time and quality I have decided to side with only fully building The Burial Passage level, and offering players a tense cinematic buildup to The World Depths.

With this in mind, I have extracted them both from Wildborn’s timeline and am investigating and planning a single full level.

Since I am now only making one of them, the cut content will be converted into a potential, short, more cinematic experience for the player as a Sprint goal.

The Burial Passage.

In the world of Wildborn, the burial passage is the only known place where a distant generation of the player’s character practised burying their dead; it has not since been done. But the eerily quiet and beautiful scenery should fill the player with graveyard vibes while they solve the puzzles.

The World Depths.

This deadly environment that will now only briefly be shown, contains the various horrifying creatures that adapted to life in the world’s dark underbelly to survive many of the planets cycles, rather than just a single cycle like most of the world’s life. As a result, it is swarming with oversized invertebrates, capable of snatching creatures from the surface at night, and scavenging their corpses by day. The player would have to use quick reflexes to overcome this challenge, as well as intimately understand the game’s puzzling mechanics.