Finalizing The “Highlands” Art Pass

The ambitious introductory sequence for Wildborn has seen many Art Passes and fine tuning, and has grown  alongside the initial concept, framework, and prototype.

In its purest form, it has been designed to emulate the mysterious vision of the world of Wildborn as it grew from its infancy, to a working concept. It represents a very organic development of ideas and inspiration since development on the level was first planned months ago. It now exists as a strong mental blueprint on how I am going to capture a sense of wonderment in the next, more mechanically involved, level.

The Highlands is very cinematic in nature, but aims to teach the players the games core mechanics while they enjoy an introduction to the world. With the next level (“The Burial Passage”) I intend to encourage the player to build upon their understanding of the game’s mechanics, so that they may learn to solve more intricate puzzles.