A Character to Match

In the near future, the original character; and protagonist, is going to be introduced to the project.

The Concept Visualization stage was supported by a couple of artists/illustrators, and I spent some time on the side to realize the game’s main character in 3D.

It is supported with original texture work and materials that I procedurally designed.

The character was 3D modelled in Blender, taking advantage of the program’s quick iterative nature, to rapidly design the character from concept to mesh, high and low poly baked, over the course of two days. The original materials were introduced to the mesh, and it is currently going through various iterations to refine the overall appearance.

I didn’t want to spend too much on this subject, since I am not experienced with character design and modelling, but wanted to make sure there wasn’t a void in the world I am building. Luckily, due to the way the game plays (from a distance to the character, in a dark world) I was able to focus on larger details of the character, such as the frame, silhouette , and larger forms, as to not sacrifice any visible quality, and not wasted time on fine details.

It is being imported into the project to test the visuals, as well as starting work on a technical material that will handle various texture animations, visual effects; like a chameleon style fresnel effect on the scales, as well as pulsing glow effect present in various parts of the game.

The Engine Material will be heavily parameterized, to allow UX and dynamic visuals, to be modified on the character with code, as to make it feel cohesive to the world and alive in the players’ control.