Tweaking the feel of Wildborn

A desperate requirement for me, right now, is making sure there are no huge issues with the current systems in game. I have spent time on each mechanic I know is going to be in place, so that is ticked off. But now I need to make sure they work well enough to be alpha tested properly.

Various passes were made this week to ensure that benchmark was made. Fixes to large bugs were sorted, a proper death system is in play to allow for seamless testing, the only obstacle left is the glitchy physics with the Tablets (The Game’s main mechanic).

This hasn’t worked well so far. I reached out to users and specialists on-line, but haven’t found anyway to repair them in their current state. Thus, next week I am going to make a push to a system rework. Changing the way in which physics are calculated.

I fear that the way that Unreal handles physics calculations between physics objects, force, and the player character isn’t entirely coherent. Thus, I am looking into workarounds and new methods for making this feature flow well.