Tablets: The Integral Mechanic

Next to Traversal, The Psionic Tablets are a part of the games core mechanics.

In the prototype they were merely a barely functioning mechanic. They weren’t hugely useful, even if I saw huge potential in them as a satisfying mechanic. I decided that is one of the first things I needed to address when turning into into a proper game mechanic.

I started off by adding in all of the types I wanted. I thought a lot about this, and threw around lots of different ideas, documented them, and eventually settled on three I was happy with. They all exist within the project now, and I need to focus on tweaking them until they feel just right.

They still desperately need Quality of Life improvements, and that is something I intend to address throughout the next two weeks.


WILDBORN; Concept to Project

My journey through FYP (Final Year project) starts somewhat in between the start and end of WILDBORN’s development. As an idea, a concept, and even Prototype, WILDBORN is very much alive. My goal is to shape this concept into a real project, something players can pick up and play and hopefully enjoy the experience with me.

What is WILBORN Now?

As it stands, WILDBORN is a passion project. It’s the game I have always wanted to make (even when I didn’t know what it was yet). I can see inspiration from the first games I ever played settled into the elaborate world I am trying to build.

During my spare time I began to visualize this game I wanted to make. I made occasional assets and moodboards to try and help me visualize the game. I made Movement Controllers, and mechanics I found interesting, scrapping them rebuilding as I went. There was no formal deadlines, no methodologies, just tinkering, and exploring to see if I am ready to love this idea.

WILDBORN is now a prototype, a proof of concept, with random art passes, some base mechanics. It was sat in Limbo with all of those other projects that I grew content with and moved on from, and the ones I started and couldn’t love. After a few weeks of working with the project, I could say with absolute certainty that this is what I want to make, and I am in love with the idea.

What have I done so far?

With my FYP on the Horizon I committed to the idea. I didn’t want to over-scope and kill the project, but I didn’t want it to feel incomplete. So I outsourced work well in advance. Concept Art and Animation were the things I needed to make it fit my vision. I wanted a reliable framework and found the people to help build it, I did everything I could to get it finished, and exchanged my time and personal labour. Due to a gap in the Workforce I worked on my own character. I am not a character Artist, even if I have experience. To took into account the game aesthetic, the camera perspective, and heavily obscured environment to my advantage, and produced a character that looked good, but didn’t interfere with my schedule.

Where am I now?

After last week, I have an unpolished prototype to utilize, piles of art mood-boards, vast qualities of documentation; both art and design, a roadmap, a detailed proposal and a sequence of uninterrupted weeks to bring my Passion project to life.

I am extremely excited to get into the meat of the project. Below are some screen-shots of the Prototype that I will be advancing.