Games Design

Week 10 Final Iteration of Artefact, Ready For Recording.

My artefact is now complete to a standard i think is detailed enough to show off my vision as a simple block out prototype level design, i have added and blended textures together using a texture map to help highlight the different types of materials in the environment from grass to dirt to rock and water.

The temple is Fully complete, the scaling and construction requires no further iteration and is textured to show the marble stone work and the slate roof.

The forest on the westside of the map is fully complete with dirt and grass texturing, Trees and rocks to give it a forest like atmosphere for the block out.

although bare the east side of the map now have a stone like texture to help show the intent of it being a more mountainous and rocky environment.

after deciding to change my original river idea into a lake I sculpted it out and learnt out to texture a simulated water texture to make it look believable.

in the following weeks i will begin recording for the last part of my ICA and writing the report.