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Week 8 – 9: Iteration and setting up for Recording (Part 1)

In week 8 – 9 I have been working on improving my current idea changing it and refining and iterating upon my original idea, I change multiple things about the landscape to make it present my idea more, some ideas I needed to remove entirely for new ones.

A changed the ill in which the temple sit son a lot as well as adding marble texturing which matches up with my research to the temple.

The hill is now larger in both general size and its slopes are larger expending further with a lot more form to them, some parts being steeper or bumpier then he other sides as i tried to make a realistic looking hill which has been worn down from weather and travellers scaling it over years and years.

(comparison of the northern side (shown above) (old version))

(Top Down Comparison (New))

(Top Down Comparison (Old))

My reason for this change was because I wanted this temple to feel important in both a visual, atmospheric sense but also gameplay, as a higher peak is easier to defend in total war games as it gives a height and range advantage to our ranged army units and allows melee units to deliver devastating down hill charges.

this is meant to be a strategic location in the open battle map that the player can choose to take to have an effective defensive position.

as seen in the pictures above the northern slope is now clear in showing its the most accessible side of the Temples hill but that means a lot of defenders and easily position there and find an angle to rain arrows down on the attackers.

(New version of the Eastern slope)

(Old version of the Eastern slope)

The eastern slope is also how I envisioned it, it is now a steep hill side which does not allow an angle of attack, blocking movement and ranged attack from both the defenders and the attackers.

(New Version of the Southern Slope)

(Old version of the Southern Slope)

The new southern slope shows my plans for it, it is now a tight and narrow passage up to the temple which give some difficulty to assault but not as much as the western side.

If a player assaulting the positions correctly their archers an attack defenders on the slope if they have enough effective range, although they are difficult shots they are possible.

(Viewable through the position of the Orange Soldier models)

(New Version of the Western Slope)

(Old version of the Western Slope)

The western Slope is much more narrow then its southern counter art, the limited space makes advancing units up it harder, but it also makes it more difficult to defend as it stops the defender from getting a lot of good positions for their archers and melee units.

This will cause both armies to be more cautious about attacking here and managing their unit properly.

(Dark / Light Blue = Defenders) (Red / Orange = Attackers)