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Week 8 – 9: Iteration and setting up for Recording (Part 2)

I didn’t only change the hill in which my temple is built upon, I also made a lot of changes into the surrounding environment, even realising that one of my ideas for it was damaging the purpose of my map so I scrapped the idea and decided on a different one.

As shown above I originally had a large group of hills which where separated from the rest of the map by a large river, this river was planned to be crossable through bridges this was in the south east corner and portion of my map.

But I realised while designing this part of the map I made a few mistakes.

  1. The river was taking focus away from the temple as the river was a natural choke point, it was also a better choke point because of the limited number of areas to cross and the large amount of land gave the defender of said hill a major even unfair advantage.
  2. The river itself was way too wide for the climate in which my game takes place, Total War Troy takes place in a Mediterranean Climate  around countries like modern day turkey, which is a generally drier climate, a river this big doesn’t fit because when a river grows to the size I have sculpted it is usually because of heavy rain flooding he environment over many years creating not only the larger river but also a more flat flood plains landscape on either side of the river.

Because of these two realisations I decided to adapt my idea, first I removes the river and used the extra space to expand the hill side a little bit which ended up giving it a better more believable look.

I then sculpted out this lake, in a lot of the current total war troy maps the most common water features are usually large lakes or coastal sea sides, this also let me fill up a lot of empty low lands which I wasn’t sure of what to do with or how to customise.

Going from the north west corner of the map and stretching down most of the west side I designed a wood / forest area along a descending slope, forest areas are common in the climate he game is set in and forests are used a lot as terrain features where applicable in Troy and other Total War Games.

I also found a lovely marble texture that fits the description and look of the marble I had researched in the earlier weeks known as Pentelic Marble from the Epic Games Market Place from the package: Pristine Marbles.

I hen begun setting up my level to showcase during a recoding, although I could of recorded as the level is, I decided to add these mock units to help me show off my level and how its designed, The image above is from the Northern Slope of the hill.

The Units are Colour coordinated into Defenders Vs Attackers – Ranged and Melee and finally Commander Units.

Defenders Units are: Dark Blue are Melee units , Light Blue are Ranged units and Purple is the Defender’s Commander Unit.

Attackers Units are: Red are Melee units, Orange are Ranged units and Gold is the Attacker’s Commander unit.

(Showcasing of combat on the Northern Slope)

(Showcasing of combat on the Western Slope)

(Showcasing of Combat on the Northern Slope)

Along with setting up camera angles I can quickly snap to in unreal during recording it’ll help me develop a higher quality showcase video.