Games Design

Week 7 – Start of landscaping

For Week 7 I started to make the landscape of my level map, i want it to have the same feel as the other open field maps that are found and battled on in Total War Troy.

The landscape in TWT is quite varied, there is rarely huge portions of flat lands as it is sculpted after the real world Mediterranean, so roling hills, rock outcroppings, forests and rivers and lakes are not a uncommon sight to find.

First i started to plan out and visualise the landscape the temple would most likely have and after tweaking things with the landscaping tool of unreal I made this formation.

A large hill with steep slopes flanking its east, west and south sides making it difficult to attack from those directions, the north is easier to assault but is just as easy to defend compared to the other sides.

As shown below he northern side allows a larger group of troops to ascend at once up its north eastern path but would allow some very advantages sight lines to the defenders archer’s / artillery units.

The Eastern side is flanked by a large traversable slope, this allows the player(s) or AI that is attacking the army holding the temple some cover from ranged fire as they plan their attack.

The southern side is quite hard to traverse as the hill gives a good sight line for the defenders to attack from as they ascend the southern path, the downside is there is no much room to put a large group of defenders on the southern side compared to the north and because of the temple archers from the northern side will need time to relocate before they can assist.

The western side is hostile to both attackers and defenders, archers from both sides will struggle to get sightlines on each other because of the uneven rocky slopes, so attackers hugging the slopes can get around to the northern side easier.

In the following three images and previous ones because I have not added textures in yet I have marked out the pathways the units / armies can actually take up to the temple using these brown beams as they remind me where the pathways currently are so as I adjust the terrain more I know to keep them in mind and adjust accordingly.

its also to show how narrow the pathways are to his temple because of the terrain, which will hopefully show how choosing to take this position during a battle could really increase the odds of a victory even if you are outnumbered.

(The Images are ordered from North East > North West > South East respectively)