Games Design

Week 6 – Temple Block-Out

Week 6 I begun working on my block out for the temple, scaling it correctly and improving or changing the design so it can be built to a believable scale in unreal compared to the engineering building design.

The temple’s insides within the game won’t be accessible as Total War games are played within a larger perspective, the insides of buildings do not work for the style of game so I will hide the inside away from the player.

In respect order this is the current blocked out temple from Front > Right side > Back > Left side

I ma happy with the design of my temple as i have kept it in line with what most temples around that time period were built to.

I scaled the temple pillars to around 3 times the height of the given actor model as most temples of his type were quite large and grand structures to show both the power of heir respective god but also he respect and how large the concentration of followers were.

Drawing of what of scale of a temple of Athena was at the city of troy itself which I based my own scaling off.

Scale Comparison

The trojians revered Athena as one of their main gods within the pantheon so I felt the temple should be large and impressive to reflect her importance to them.