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Level Idea week 4 – 5

Week 4

I started to figure out what my level was going to be, I decided I would go with a map centred around a temple, the temple would be a strategic location in which the player would be rewarded for holding if they chose to, Just like most buildings of this grand scale in total war games that I am familiar with my temple will be more of a visual / story focal point in which the battle takes place around you wont be able to enter the temple itself to defend it but rather you are in the surrounding landscape, along with recommendations by my lecturer, having an inside would be time consuming and problematic to make in the long run.

first I begun researching what type of building materials were commonly used during the bronze age when the ancient Greeks existed, I needed to know what they would use in the construction of a important and well built temple.

I confirmed that marble was the commonly desired material for temples as it was seen as elegant and didn’t wear away as easily as limestone, I found the most favoured marble that was used widely was Pentelic also known as Pentelikon marble mined from the Quarries of Mount Pentelicus.

Greek Marble: The Stone that Shaped the World

Mount Pentelicus | mountains, Greece | Britannica

They favoured using this type of marble for work on structures and statues regarding the Parthenon mainly because not only did it have a Pure white appearance when initially quarried and “fine grain”, overtime it would develop a subtle golden honey shading to it overtime that in certain lighting conditions particularly sunrise and sunset would show of this subtle colour change the best, his is because of trace amount of iron found in the marble itself.

Limestone was also used but not really favoured as to its softer easier to wear and has a crumbling nature when used as important structural pieces so it was mainly used for décor or other minor support structures.

Designing the Structure and surrounding environment –Week 5

I looked up a variety of Greek temples to gain inspiration from for my design from the Acropolis of Athens to the Hephaestus temple finding to a wide range of other temples their temple structures are quite similar.

temple of Hephaestus

Temple of Athena nike

that was until I found that a temple of Athena was built at troy although it was built long after the trojan war I wanted to base my design on it as I found a helpful engineering layout of the temple to make my design work a lot easier.

the link below allows for a better view of the design layout. 

Athena Tapınağı

Games Design

Welcome to my Industry Briefs Blog

During the time of my course this blog will be tracking the progress of researching, planning and designing a artefact for total war troy.

The Artefacts I can design are either

  • A prototype Level
  • A Game mechanic
  • A in Game System
  • A prototype UI design
  • A prototype Narrative design

I have chosen to do a Prototype Map Level

for Week 1 to Week 3 I researched Total War Troy’s Map design and historical and geographical area of Troy.

At first I research multiple different map types that total war troy has and then researched the opinion of the players who engaged in these maps, most maps outside of the general city and siege maps seemed to be very open taking advantage of the diverse landscape of the geographical area, which has many hills, rocky outcroppings and rivers which make natural choke points which some players find makes troop type diversity and improvement very important and reading as the maps help ring out the strengths and weaknesses of your

Maps and environments of Troy from totalwar

As shown in just these two forum post players talk about how they mainly enjoyed the well mad landscapes, enjoying the fact that most maps are rich in vegetation, natural rock outcrops generating chokepoints and  general avoidance of flat lands.

I think Troy has my favorite battle map designs in the series from totalwar

the collected images arranged in these mood boards show what I’m referencing as many maps already have slopes, forests, rivers and lakes along with natural rocky choke points which generates some stunning visuals.