Journeyman for eighth week

in this week, i have more work need to do. i think ican do better for my job. they are The Library /The Castle /The Puzzles in the Castle/he Past Human/Servant that worked in the Castle/The Traven [Crazy bunch of people I think]/Talk Potions of Healing./The Armor.Clock inside the Castle.

maybe i little much.

Journeyman for seven week

thats a quiet news that i dont know is good or bad, in our team the final members just contact me and join in the team. lucky is about shi is for artist job, it can something a little later for job. And one thing i cant belive is that i need to be a translate people between she and Group leader.

But it still interesting happen.

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Journeyman for third week

in this week, team is working on prototyping main elements of the game, with white boxing. submit full idea of game character and animation sheet. and teacher let us to use discord for team work, its a good idea for us. and in this week, through discussions with the leader, I decided that my design task is for the boss of the game, the role played by the player, and the story background of most of the affairs. I need to write about how the boss of this game came from. Yes, why the player wants to kill him, a complete plot line.

Journeyman for second week

i think the most important things to learn in week are these.

  1. Presentation session
  2. Your chance to show off your team game and development
  3. Hosted online by the leads and anyone who wants to increase their presentation skills.
  4. The audience is the whole year group.
  5. Format is “powerpoint” presentation (hosted by a nominated lead.)
  6. First session is 1 slide -3 minutes to explain your team game.