Week 7

Hey there, 


After lots of fiddling around I managed to finally get the textures on and call it finished. Here are some sneak previews of the process:

And here is the bad guy finished:

Some of the problems I faced were getting the mapping to work properly. Some errors that appeared were around the ears and the clothing but in time I got everything to a decent level.  Creating the model was perhaps one of my favorite and most fun part this year, even though it diviates from my career path as a Game Designer, but hey, jack of all traits never hurt anyone.



Week 6

Hello, hello, hello! 

Short one this time. We received some news from the character design team that we might not be getting our models done so I took it upon myself to work on one myself.  

Here are a few screenshots of the process: 


Week 5

Hey there, 

 Ive been working on creating the skills for the character and the 2 paths.  

While creating the skills I wanted to focus on our morality pillar of duality. The separation between good and evil. As them being complete opposites, I wanted the playstyle to completely differ and be opposites so it can solidify the idea of the difference. I wanted to make sure that the player can also mix the 2 paths together but specializing in them incentivizes and amplifies the feeling of either being a good templar or evil vampire.  

The vampire path would specialize on being swift and dashing around, constantly changing direction and syphoning life from your enemies. 


Whre the templar path was more about syanding your ground, shielding yourself and attacking in the right time.

Will keep you posted for more

Week 4

Hey there,

Week 3 I’ve been trying to figure out how to make move sets and combo work. Working with Jakub we’ve came up with the idea that enemies will be dripping their weapons and our play can pick them up and use them against them. The chance would be random, and the weapons will be just a different flavor of combat. Some will be ranged, some will be fast, others will be simply staffs that allow you to cast magic.  

Here are the move sets that I came up with: 

Additionally I had some time to think of how the actual layout for the controls will be layed out: 

Things are subject to change ofcourse.

Thanks for reading,

Week 3

Hey there, 

During the last weeks I’ve been doing some research on combat systems and what makes them good. By the looks of it we were going for a hack and slash-y feeling of the game, so my first stop was looking at the castlevenia experiment of a hack and slash title – Lords of Shadow. 

The first thing that stood out to me was the quick time events that take the player out of the action to perform a fancy move, most often a finisher. Felt out of place and breaking the immersion. The new God of War had a similar mechanic, and I must admit seeing Kratos smash someone’s skull open did feel epic the first time around but by the end of the game it gets old and with the limited number of enemies did not look good. 

A good quick time event system that I found was in Bayonetta. Quick time events are still used as finishers but more of a Cooldown period for this over-the-top huge gory set piece and with the constant growing number of enemies it is always a joy to see her preform a… Punishment… 

For the time being though I wanted us to stray away from Quick time events. Other than showing off animations and giving a breather, the system just stops you dead in your tracks and for a vertical slice it just doesn’t seem necessary. 

Hit counter, Combo pounts, Stilish points, call it as you wish, in the end of the day the point of the system needs to serve 2 puprposes:

  • Push you to try new things
  • Make you feel like the all mighty charecter that you play

What I want us to end up with is a powerful vampire slayer that can dip into demonic powers if he takes an inhumane route and I want every sistem to reflect this as well.

More infomration next entry.

Thanks for reading,


Week 1-2

Hello everyone,

My name is Konstantin and this is my development log for Journeyman 2021.

We’ve all had a long year of staying at home so I am extremely excited to pick up a new project for univerist. During the past 2 weeks my team and I chose our theme for this years project – Castlevenia – and we brainstormed ideas on what our finish product could be.

I’ve spent a sengificant amount of time figuring out what makes a castlevenia game a castlevenia game. Videos from the Game Makers Toolkid were my first stop in my research as a game designer, alongside playthroughs of the old clasics and trying to get my hands on one of the games.

For my next week post I am hoping to get some examples of the mechanics that were planning to have in our game.

Thanks for reading,